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Change all your images' formats simultaneously


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Factory Image Converter is a simple tool you can use to change the format of your images regardless of their current extension

This converter is compatible with most formats, including BMP, JPEG, ICO, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, PCX, PXM, TGA, and PDF. It also lets you upload your images to any website or simply view them with no hassle from any computer.

Factory Image Converter's interface is very simple: in the main window, you'll find the images you want to convert, and on the left sidebar can browse all your computer's directories. Just select the pictures you want to convert and click on the export format.

This application lets you convert batches of images quickly and easily. Also, in addition to creating an identical file with the new extension, it also lets you edit them before saving: you can rotate, resize, crop, and change the transparency or other technical details regarding the format.

Factory Image Converter also lets you add watermarks to your images in the form of text or a logo, whose size and color is customizable. Keep in mind, however, that the program adds its own watermark.

The program adds a watermark to the exported images.

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